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Bioluminescence for emergency rescue

Our group are focusing on emergency rescue when people get lost in the wilderness or got injured when they were night running alone at outside. So, what we want to create is a wearable SOS device which can help people ask for help and keep away from the danger when they get lost. By searching resources, I found that some night runner will get lost because they will not bring too much technical equipment with them when they are running. Although we have already had some options for getting rescued from the wilderness like the flare gun and unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs), still we are facing the difficulties of search speed and ability. For example, the flare gun can only use once and the UAVs cost lot of money and hard to target the people who get lost in the wilderness environment.

As for our group project, we decided to build a wearable device which can provide SOS night signal when people get lost in the wilderness. As for a designer, firstly I will responsible for help biological students to record the experiment, as the light that luciferases and luciferins provided, also the fake cell that can provide enough luciferases and luciferins to make the light last long time and give them enough light level when people need help in the evening.

Secondly, Wanying and I will take charge of design the final easy-to-carry emergency product, choose the best way to send the light SOS signal in the evening. I found that when people meet the dangerous situation when swimming in the sea there is an emergency product can save people by using an inflation bag to pull them to the surface. And I think this will be helpful to apply in the wilderness environment when people need help and rescue.

Thirdly, I will help biological students to test and record the time and strong light that we can provide to ensure our product can really apply in the real situation. Also, for the product, with the press the button the hydrogen will fill the inflation SOS balloon which also active the luciferases and luciferins to bring the light signal. And the balloon can stay about 100 feet height for easily see and capture the location for the rescue team. Here are my prototype and this week we will improve our design and begin our experiment at the same time, meanwhile, as our final product, I will draw the storyboard, shooting and editing the product video.