Course Blog

Contacts and Timetable

20 Jan – Alistair Elfick (Engineering)
3 Feb – Jane Calvert (Sciences and Technology Studies)
10 Feb – Anais Moisy (Design Informatics / Edinburgh Genome Foundry)
17 Feb – Michael Shaver (Chemistry)
10 Mar – Elise Cachat (Biomedical Sciences, Synthetic Biology)
17 Mar – Fabio Nudelman (Chemistry) (to be confirmed)
24 Mar – Martyn Dade-Robertson and Carolina Ramirez Figueroa (Biodesign/Biofabrication)
31 Mar – Enrico Mastropolo (Engineering)
7 Apr – Joyce Tait (Innogen Institute)
5 May – Presentations
9 May – Final Submission

Other contacts:
Louise Mackenzie (Bioartist)
Erika Szymanski (Science and Technology Studies)
Louise Horsfall (Biotechnology)
ASCUS Lab (Summerhall)

And of course:
Naomi Nakayama and Eric Thorand (Biomimetics, Molecular Biology)