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Plass – Printing a Better World

We are Plass. We believe that everything that lives has to eventually die. We don’t believe in permanence, especially when it comes to manufacturing materials. Plastic degrades but never decomposes. Its affordability and convenience comes at a high price for our planet and environment. 

Since 3D Printing became an effective mass production method, we decided it was time to put technology working in favour of the environment. We developed our 3D printed agar-based biodegradable plastic with embedded bacteria, Bio-Ink. 

By injecting spores of our modified bacterium Bacillus Subtilis into a hydrogel ink solution, we managed to create an effective alternative to plastic that has a finite life. The activation of the spores is determined by the concentration of germination agents in the material, making it possible for us to control how fast the spores get activated. After enough spores have been activated, the material starts to degrade. Because the spores are stored in an anaerobic environment, atmospheric exposure, like a crack in the object, causes premature degradation. 

Many industries have embraced Plass and our Bio-Ink range as their main plastic alternative source, which led us to now launch our home line, Bio-Ink+.

Bio-Ink 1M

Is guaranteed to last one month before it starts degrading. It is ideal for short-term and one-use plastics, and our industrial partners love to use it in packaging, bags, q-tips, or disposable cutlery, es. Some things can only be used once, and knowing that they will be gone shortly after makes us smile.

Bio-Ink 1Y

Has a lifecycle of one year before it begins degrading, and many industries use it for so many things! Nowadays, it’s rare to see a bottle, detergent, cosmetic or a pen that is not made our of Plass. Its mid-term use allows consumers to store, use and re-use them before it reaches it end of life.

Bio-Ink 10Y

Bio-Ink 10Y is a long-term use one! It will serve you for ten years before it commences to degrading. Isn’t that wonderful? Whether it is furniture pieces, toys, specs frames, or even certain parts of electric products! It is good to know we can rely on those pieces for a long part of our lives, but they definitely won’t outlive us!



Bio-Ink+ is our newest  home use bio-ink. 3D printers have become a reality, and it only makes sense to provide you with the Bio-Ink+ starters kit. It is composed of the bacteria, the Hydro-Gel solution, and its mixing universal 3d nozzle and software!

Healing Solution 

Was made for all those less fortunate moments with our products. Have you dropped your object and made a crack? Don’t worry about triggering its degradation. Just apply the solution in the affected areas, and these will be sealed. Good as new!